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  How Does Try It Buy It Work?
What is©?© provides you with a place to find properties that are available on a 'try before you buy' basis, also known as ‘rent to buy’.

How does rent to buy work?

Rent to buy gives you the chance to both save up for a property while renting it, and try a property before making the commitment to buy it. The price you pay for the home is usually agreed at the start of the agreement. When you find a property you are interested in – just submit your enquiry by completing ‘Enquire about this property’ box and your enquiry will be sent to the property owner who will then contact you directly. If you decide to buy the property at the end of an agreed period the seller could offer some of your rent back to put towards your deposit. A recent study found people spent an average of just 17 minutes looking around a house before deciding whether to buy it. That’s not enough time to get to know an area, to meet the neighbours, check the schools, visit the shops, see how long the commute to work is. 17 minutes is not enough time to settle in and see if you’d like to make a house your long-term home. Try before you buy schemes are an alternative choice of buying property. After all, you probably wouldn’t buy a car without driving it, or even a pair of shoes without trying them on. Buying property is one of the biggest purchases most of us will ever make. It makes sense to try it first to be certain.

Why rent to buy property?

Try before you buy is an alternative choice to taking that big step when moving and a great way to try a house, apartment, holiday log cabin or commercial property before you commit to buying it. In many cases some or all of the rent you pay during the trial period can be put towards the mortgage, which can reduce the need to save for a large deposit and enable first time buyers and others to get on the property ladder and buy a home that might otherwise be out of their reach. What happens if I decide not to buy?

You can just walk away. That’s the beauty of try before you buy. After trying the property, you don’t have to buy it.

How long can I try a property for?

Properties are available for a variety of time periods. Each property listed on this site provides an indication or will state negotiable.

So, start your search today
  • Search the site and find your ideal property today.
  • When you find your ideal property – just complete the ‘Enquiry about this property’ box and the property advertiser will contact you direct.

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Advertise your property with® and reach an audience of people who are specifically looking for rent to buy properties in Spain, UK and other countries.® has been optimised to generate quality, highly relevant enquiries for the properties listed.

We also work with a network of media partners, and engage directly with property buyers through social media, to raise awareness of the® brand and generate property enquiries. Our advertisers then receive the benefit from our PR and online marketing activities.

We are committed to providing the highest quality service to our clients, from our sales and customer service teams through to marketing and technical support.

Our goal is to be the number one site for 'rent to buy' and 'try before you buy' properties. We want to invite you to be part of our success.

We are not an estate agent, we are a portal website introducing buyers to sellers – YOU DO THE REST.


To list your Spanish property

Currently there is no cost to list your property. We generate our income through on site advertising. If you are an owner of multiple properties please contact our Admin team on 0845 686 5800 or email:

• In order to advertise your property you must first Register and become a member – this is free.

• Once you have registered you will receive an email instructing you to 'activate your account'.

• Once you have activated your account, you are then able to login, upload your property, edit your text/photos, and view any enquiries and views to the property details at any time.

• Once your property is live may we suggest it is in your own interest, that the property is marketed as professionally as possible and that you upload good quality jpeg photograph's.

• Please note - if you are still resident in your property and trying to sell it, you can still market your property with us – how to do this – follow the steps above and upload your property, but leave blank the Rental Price, this will automatically show 'Try the Area' and you will be required to advise the intended buyer how they can best 'try the area' and at the same time view your property – it's SIMPLE!

We are not an estate agent, we are a portal website who introduces buyers to sellers – YOU DO THE REST.

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Call us now on
+44 (0)845 686 5800

Call us now on
+44 (0)845 686 5800